Effective Management of the Environment

The Board of PDC Systems Ltd recognise that good environmental practice is vital to the well being and public perception of both the Company and that of Customers and Suppliers.

Our Policy towards effective management of the environment is as follows:

Environmental Policy

We will comply with mandatory legal requirements for all activities and processes carried out at our facility and work sites and uses whatever influence we can promote the same to all suppliers and contractors performing activities on our behalf.

We intend as a primary objective to reduce and wherever possible prevent pollution resulting from the company's activities and processes.

We will utilise the full potential of the work force by providing all necessary training and a working environment that promotes safe and clean working practices.

We shall continually monitor our activities and processes to ensure efficient use of resources and too identify actual or potential sources of pollution in order to minimise waste generation and nuisance to our neighbours.

 On a>n annual basis we will review the environmental performance of the company in order to:

a) Ensure compliance with the requirements of legislation and this policy.

b) Identify areas for improvement, set specific objectives for the company and wherever possible, target dates for achievement.

The Goal of Life is Living in Agreement with Nature

Zeno from Diogenes Laertius Lives of Eminent Philosophers'

In addition to this policy being displayed and distributed to all our employees, copies are also available to any organisation or individual who make such a request.

To ensure that we comply with this policy we have in place the following:

Address Scarborough House, Craigearn Business Park, Morrison Way, Kintore, Aberdeenshire, AB51 0TH

Telephone Number 44 (0) 1467 633355

Email Address info@pdcsystems.co.uk

Fax Number +44 (0) 1467 632440

Company Registered No SC400732

VAT Registered Number 115 1685 31

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