PDC SYSTEMS LIMITED is an OEM / External Workshop in conjunction with TECHNOR® who are a worldwide technology company of MARECHAL ELECTRIC GROUP, with operational businesses in Italy, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and through PDC SYSTEMS LIMITED within the United Kingdom as leaders in the design and manufacture of luminaires, enclosures and electrical panels for potentially explosive atmospheres.

PDC SYSTEMS LIMITED and TECHNOR® have a high level of experience in developing and designing Ex equipment for most applications. These include offshore oil installations, refineries, petrochemical plants, ships and FPSOs, chemical, pharmaceutical, food industries as well as other industries in which explosible dusts might represent a hazard, such as foodstuffs manufacture grain silos and textile.

Products enable safe transport and application of electric signals and power in hazardous areas. The core business is in the electrical, instrumentation and electronics fields. All the equipment for use in explosive atmosphere satisfy the requirements of international and national regulations (Atex, IECEx and Gost) and each individual systems’ component is certified in accordance with specific Ex‐certification requirements.

PDC SYSTEMS LIMITED along with TECHNOR®’s product range provide significant product and distribution channel synergies.

Contact: Technor@pdcsystems.co.uk


Address Scarborough House, Craigearn Business Park, Morrison Way, Kintore, Aberdeenshire, AB51 0TH

Telephone Number 44 (0) 1467 633355

Email Address info@pdcsystems.co.uk

Fax Number +44 (0) 1467 632440

Company Registered No SC400732

VAT Registered Number 115 1685 31

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